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Arkansas Workers Comp Info

State Exemption available? YES

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Arkansas requires workers compensation coverage if you have 3 or more “regular” employees. That includes part time or full time casual laborers and owners/officers of a corporation. Sole Proprietors DO NOT count as employees, but can still choose to be covered. Officers/Owners of a corporation do count as employees- even if they choose not to cover themselves. In other words, a corporation with 2 owners and 1 employee must carry workers comp. Subcontractors don’t count as employees AS LONG AS they meet some or all of the following:

  1. separate business entity
  2. have their own insurance
  3. can choose when to come to work
  4. provide their own tools/transportation.

If any of these items do not apply, the state may consider them to be employees for workers comp purposes regardless of whether you give them a 1099.

When calculating your Arkansas Workers Comp Quotes, keep in mind the following amounts if you choose to include any owners/officers in the coverage. Even if owners don’t draw a paycheck, these are the payroll amounts that will be counted for each owner who wants coverage.

-$38,500 for Sole Proprietors, Partners, and Members of an LLC

-$39,000 Minimum and $156,000 Maximum for Officers