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Workers Comp Quotes are now at your fingertips using our Workers Comp Quote Wizard powered by Smart Insurance™.

How do I get a workers comp quote?

Just choose your state above and click Start Quote.

What Industries are available for quoting?

You can compare workers comp quotes from dozens of companies that target various industries including Contracting, Transportation, Health and Human Services, Hospitality, Manufacturing, Wholesale, Retail, Office/Technology, and many more.

What if my business is new or it’s just me?

Maybe you just started your business and you need a Ghost Policy or Minimum Premium Policy. No Problem! In addition to the dozens of local and national insurance companies, we’ve also included workers comp quotes from the assigned risk program in each state.  Regardless of size, experience, claims, or hazards, you are guaranteed to have at least one option quoted and we provide affordable installment options for EVERY policy.

Can I apply online?

Absolutely!  Once you see a quote you like, you can ask for an agent to jump in and help secure the coverage, or you can complete your own application online.

How do I get certificates?

If you choose to work with a local agent, they will provide the certificates for you.  If you prefer to do business online without a local agent, you will be able to login and print your own certificates at your convenience.

What if I represent a large company or I have a more complex business?

Online rating is limited to 3 classifications and a single state- regardless of the total payroll.  If your needs are more complex, our Smart Insurance Enterprise Consulting program collects your business profile and works with you to select agents and carriers in your state who are likely be the most competitive.  We have thousands of agents in our database with a range of expertise and options- and we will solicit quotes on your behalf so you don’t get bombarded with sales calls and presentations.  There is NO COST to you for that service.