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How do I get a workers comp quote?

Just click Start Quote.  In order to get an accurate rate, you’ll need to know how much you plan to pay in labor cost for each type of job represented in your business.  Every set of duties or job description has a class code.  Our system helps you select the proper classification based on common descriptions.  Once you identify the relevant description, you can enter the amount of labor cost for each class.  You only need to enter each class once, so everyone that does a similar job goes into the same class code.  You can also view the full list of class codes if you would like to do some research.

What is Workers Comp?

When a laborer is injured on the job, worker compensation requires the employer to pay for the cost of medical care as well as a portion of the income they lose while they recover from those injuries. Workers Comp is the only process established to compensate injured workers.  An injured worker cannot typically bring a general liability suit against their employer or a contractor.  Their only option is to report the injury as a workers comp claim.  Since the workers comp system is the only way an employee can be compensated for their injury, it is critical for anyone who hires laborers to carry workers compensation insurance. Injured workers are entitled to workers comp benefits whether the employer caused the injury or not.  The employee can violate the safety manual and stand on a ladder upside down and sideways while the employer is actively telling them not to.  If they are injured, they are still entitled to benefits.

Can I get workers comp if I’m the only person?

Maybe you just started your business and you need a Ghost Policy or Minimum Premium Policy. No Problem! In addition to the dozens of local and national insurance companies, we’ve also included workers comp quotes from the assigned risk program in each state.  Regardless of size, experience, claims, or hazards, workers comp is required by law, so you are guaranteed to have at least one option quoted and we provide affordable installment options for EVERY policy.

How do I get a workers comp certificate of insurance?

If you choose to work with a local agent, they will provide the certificates for you.  If you prefer to do business online without a local agent, you will be able to login and print your own certificates at your convenience.

Is there an easy way to get workers comp quotes for larger businesses?

Online rating is limited to 3 classifications and a single state- regardless of the total payroll.  If your needs are more complex, our Smart Insurance Enterprise Consulting program collects your business profile and works with you to select agents and carriers in your state who are likely be the most competitive.  We have thousands of agents in our database with a range of expertise and options- and our consultants solicit quotes on your behalf so you don’t get bombarded with sales calls and presentations.  There is NO COST to you for that service.

How do workers comp audits work?

Audits are required for every workers comp policy, but it’s not as intimidating as it sounds.  The process simply matches what you estimated your labor cost to be with what it actually was. Your agent plays an important role in choosing the right class codes and using the right language for job descriptions so you have the best possible outcome.  The majority of states use rules and class codes established by the National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI), but there are differences in each state that your agent can help you with.

  • Contractors – including all trades, and GCs

  • Truckers and Transportation

  • Health and Human Services (including workers comp for Home Healthcare)

  • Restaurants and hotels (Hospitality)

  • Manufacturing

  • Wholesale

  • Retail

  • Office (including Technology businesses)

  • …and many more.