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Tennessee Workers Comp Info

State Exemption available?  YES  Tennessee Workers Comp Exemption

Tennessee divides their workers comp rules into two parts:

  • Construction/Mining
  • Everyone else

Owners and Officers can only avoid paying for coverage if they file a workers comp exemption with the state. Without the exemption, they are required to be included. If you have employees or subcontractors, you still have to purchase a policy, but you can and must still register an exemption for any owner or officer who chooses not to be included.

Construction includes virtually all service businesses that perform work on buildings, including low hazard occupations like cleaners and cable installers.


All businesses, except construction and mining industries, are required to carry workers compensation coverage if there are 5 or more employees. Part Time or Full Time casual laborers, and owners or officers of a corporation are included in the employee total. Sole Proprietors DO NOT count as employees, but can still choose to be covered. Officers or Owners of a corporation DO count as employees even if they choose not to cover themselves. In other words, a corporation with two owners and one employee must carry workers comp coverage. Subcontractors DO NOT count as employees AS LONG AS they meet some or all of the following:

  1. The subcontractor has a separate business entity.
  2. They have their own insurance.
  3. The subcontractor can choose when to come to work.
  4. They provide their own tools and transportation.

For workers comp purposes, the state may consider them to be employees if none of these items apply regardless of whether you give them a 1099.

Keep the following amounts in mind when calculating your Tennessee Workers Comp Quote if you choose to include any owners or offices in the coverage. Even if owners and/or officers do not draw a paycheck, these are the payroll amounts that will be counted for each owner who wants coverage.


  • $44,100 for Sole Proprietors, Partners, and Members
  • $44,200 Minimum and $176,800 Maximum for Officers


  • $20,800 Minimum and $64,800 Maximum for Sole Proprietors, Partners, and Members
  • $20,800 Minimum and $65,000 Maximum for Officers